Who is it for

The Conductor Tool is created for people who want to gain full control of complex projects and workflows

The Conductor Tool has many functions similar to a blank spreadsheet. You will quickly discover the benefits of this extremely flexible tool when multiple parties need to collaborate on certain projects, for example on infrastructure projects. Such as the expansion of the 4G network and the deployment of fiber to the home (FTTH). The Conductor Tool simply lets you gain full control of all project phases, and will save you time and money when it comes to:

Collaboration services

It is an ideal tool for projects where there is a need to share structured data (even huge amounts) between end-users with different needs for access to data and functions.


Are you experiencing problems collaborating through MS Excel, Access, Filemaker or Lotus Notes? The Conductor Tool will help you out.

Pilots or temporary applications

The conductor Tool is great for creating pilots, "proof of concept" and temporary applications because it supports creating new applications in a time-efficient and easy way, and at a low cost*. A new service can be developed and made available to end users within a few hours.


The Conductor Tool is perfect for creating a service that is specific within a business field or department, as well as being a tool that gives you full control over complex projects and workflows.

* IS Tools offers a free trial for a month, during which you can create your first application with The Conductor Tool. After the trial period your company will be charged a fee per monthly-and-user basis. There is no need to invest in computers, software or expensive consultants, when the only investment needed is your own time. Continue reading