Cloud Service

From concept to ready-to-use application

  1. The Framework

    You will have access to IS Tools in just a few minutes, and you will find that it is ready to use for creating and running applications. When logged in, you will see a menu containing the tools required to create “your” application. This is where you create the data model that forms the foundation for your application. After that you create tables and fields – logically alike sheets and columns in Excel. You do not need to make it perfect. You can edit and modify the application as you go.

  2. The Form Designer

    When the framework is ready, you may start working with form design. Using simple drag-and-drop operations, you position tables and fields in a drawing area to create the first form. When you are satisfied with the layout, you save your form. The form can then be used and tested straight away. It is possible to create as many forms as you like, but now your application is ready to be used by you and any users you give access to.

  3. Roles and Users

    When the collaboration requires different information permissions, the role-based access control framework is configured in this step which spans all tables, fields and components. It is a good practice to employ separate roles for information and forms/views, since it makes adding more parties easier. After this step only the right party can access the right information.