Winter Release 2021

Flexibility is the focus on this release: in the way you adapt views according to workflows, in the way you administrate the application. All to streamline your user experience.

A new way of seeing (or not) your sections

Have you ever had sections on your form that you wish you could hide, and display another one instead, based on your workflow?

A “tabbed form” to switch sections on and off depending on which tab you click, or a “router form” that controls sections by the option chosen on a drop-down is now possible, so you don’t have to see all sections and their content at once on your screen.

30.0 Tabbed form (Layers)

Copy blocks of configuration between applications

As an administrator you know how important is to configure a draft of what you want to achieve, usually on a test environment, before is built on the real application. To ease this task, the Configuration bundles feature is introduced in this release so any table, form, rule, etc., or a bunch of them can be copied from one application to another upon clicking a button. 30.0 Configuration bundles

Other improvements

Embedded PDF files

We have for you the possibility to preview your PDF documents right on the form: go through pages, zoom in and out, or maximize them, all this without having to download them. 30.0 Embedded PDF

Records’ horizontal view

View and analyze your data in a horizontal way with our Repeater section, where records will be displayed as columns instead of rows. It also integrates a Button to save all edited records at a single click. 30.0 Horizontal records with Repeater

You are here

It is now very easy to know what record you are at when displaying the full list of records in the Selector, as it is marked with a color according to the theme of your application.

Scan and search on a click

Use the Scanner feature to write QR and Barcodes values into a search box which in turn is used to filter records in sections.

Improvement to Import and Report forms

The Import and Report queue form will remember the last settings you applied every time you open it again, such as columns added or removed, sorting, filters and the placement of the columns.

The Report manager has included the column “Template file”, which displays the name of the Excel macro used by the Report template.

Multiple Map layers

Map components will automatically display a scroll bar in case the list of layers becomes long.

Also, at the bottom of that list there is an “All” checkbox for you to select or deselect all at the same time.

Improvements to IQL chart of type Table

Your existing data in this form can now be sorted just as other forms do: click on the heading of the columns to sort ascending, descending and original view.

Also, it is possible to pin the first column to keep it visible while the rest of the chart scrolls horizontally, for cases where the chart is very wide.

Related data Report

Run a Report with data belonging to a related record by clicking on a Button, Icon or Link component placed on your form, without having to manually type the name of that record.

XLS files not supported

IS Tools will no longer support the old Excel “xls” file format. This will have an impact on Reports, Imports and the “Export to Excel” feature placed in form sections and system forms, which will use “xlsx” format instead.

Bugs fixed

  • The Gant chart had a limitation in the number of dependencies displayed between tasks.
  • An error message was displayed when attempting to save a record that would be sent to other Record group with no rights via Rules.
  • Buttons with actions on Repeater sections focused on the wrong record.
  • The filtering on system dates fields, such as Record created time and Record updated time, could not be validated. Besides, in related sections, an error message was displayed when using this filter.
  • An error message popped up in forms containing Multi value fields with no rights granted.
  • Relation fields from self-referenced tables were not possible to change style.
  • In Table sections, Note fields with the “Use markdown” setting caused layout problems when expanded.
  • Chart components limited by Selector were rendered as empty on forms.
  • Map layers were not always sorted correctly in the popup list rendered in forms.
  • An error message was displayed after running a File export with a large Zip file as result.
  • A floating Save icon was available for Repeater sections with no rights granted.
Data model editor:
  • The Delete constraint property for Relation fields was no longer available.
  • It was possible to delete fields used in sections’ fixed filters, causing malfunction in forms.
Form designer:
  • The default Icon component was not visible after being dropped onto the canvas.
  • A popup message has been added to warn cases where using complex Relation fields paths might not show any result.
  • The Export to PDF action could not include data from Repeater sections.
  • Forms configured with a Button component outside sections could not be saved.
  • The sorting in the Rules manager form was being reset after viewing the rule in detail.
  • Users that were logged out of the application when clicking a Form link from an email, SMS or other source, were not directed to the right record once they logged in.

Other changes for administrators

Layers in Form designer

This new functionality is ideal to ease the configuration of forms that include components placed on top of each other, where they can be organized on different layers and, in combination with the Run on click and Behavior functionalities, these components can be rendered to users depending on certain conditions. For example, a form with 3 buttons as “tabs”, and 3 layers where each of them has a section, but only one is displayed to the user based on what tab is clicked.

Layers are also helpful to keep track on the form configuration, as you may use new layers to update the form with new components on top of the original design.

30.0 FD Layers

Improvements to IQL functions

There is a complement to the Layers functionality: the :hidden function with a parameter like @activeTab are now available for panels, so they can hide or show together with their content when a tabbed or router form is configured. 30.0 Hidden function for Panels This is also useful to design popup messages, where a parameter like @showPopup can be used.

For Reports generated from the form, there is a variant of the existing runReport function: runReportRelated (reportId, relation) , useful to have the parent record or any other direct relation’s record pre-selected for reports having the “Force one main record” setting.

To search data with scanned QR and Barcodes, use scanQrCode() together with a search box using a parameter like @searchbox.

Besides, note that the IQL Editor is larger than before, for you to have much more space to write queries.

Improvements to administrative forms

Form rights and Role rights have been replaced by a new form that integrates both: Form rights, with features such as filtering and sorting, customizable columns, and selection and saving of multiple forms and roles at the same time.

The User administration form will remember the last settings you applied to it every time you open it again, such as columns added or removed, sorting, filters and the placement of the columns.

New properties in Form designer

For IQL chart of type Table, we recommend you tick the “Pin first column” property in case the chart is very wide, so the users never lose visibility of this column while the rest of the chart scrolls horizontally.

For Table section, use the “Header align” property to change whether the column title will be centered or placed to the right (left is the default option).

For Repeater sections that are wide, you may tick “Buttons to the left” to have the Create new, Delete, Record filter and Export buttons next to the section’s title in order to avoid having to scroll to the right to find them. For Map layer component, the “Initially hidden” property is a good option to open the map without showing at once non firsthand layers.

For Media component, use “Preview PDF documents ”, “Initial page number”, and “Allow changing page” to allow previewing of this type of files right on the form.

Validation for Scheduled rules

A validation message has been implemented to Rules manager when scheduling a rule with a custom Cron expression, which will indicate to the administrator the correct format to type it.

Notice of planned future changes

As of our Spring 2022 release, the Decimal separator will no longer be available in the User settings form. Instead, Number fields will be automatically formatted according to the user's language setup.

Also, the drop-down arrow next to the Save button present in Detail and Multi detail sections, and in Calendar and Map components will be removed so users will have to select a Record group via a popup or with a Drop-down field on the form instead.

Release Notes

Summer Release 2020

IS Tools
Sometimes it’s all about the visuals, sometimes it’s all about the functional aspects. This release brings them both: discover our stunning and useful Gantt chart, Bar and QR codes, fields that behave with logic, and lots of improvements.