Summer Release 2022

Reporting is key to monitor business performance, and PDF is a reliable format for presenting information with both facts and figures. That inspired us to work further on our reporting capabilities, and this release.

New PDF Report Generator

In the past, the PDF templates could be made using various tools but the resulting template could only be opened by the tool used to create it. The template was also linked to a particular form, which was not as flexible as we wanted it to be. To remedy the inconsistencies and improve flexibility we made some changes, and going forward templates are created using Jaspersoft, opening the possibility to generate a PDF file like any other report regardless of the form, and with great flexibility to add many of the components used, and where the styling is limited only by your own creativity.

PDF generator

Reports in a Snap

In addition to improving the PDF template capabilities, reports can now be run from any form, in any format (i.e., PDF, Excel, HTML), with or without relation to the selected record, using a button with IQL functionality. And not only that: you can also choose a file field as target to save the generated report. In one click you can generate a project report in PDF that is saved and accessible directly from the customer’s form, saving the time having to wait for the report to complete, and then sending it separately.

Immediate report

Map and Chart Screenshot

Great progress numbers in a Chart, or a nice status overview in a Map can now be saved with the click of a button. You can can also specify a target field if the image should be stored.

Map and Chart screenshot

Other Improvements

Smart Number Field

We present two major changes to ease the way you read numbers:

  • Decimal numbers will be automatically rounded, up to 3 digits. If you enter 3.141592653, the field will display 3.142 instead, and if you enter 3.9999, it will be displayed as 4. Note that this is a visual improvement; the full number is still available in edit mode and when copied or exported.
  • The thousand and decimal separator will also be automatic and in accordance with language settings. For example, the number 1000.5 will be formatted as 1 000,5 in French (note the space as thousand separator, and comma for decimal), while in English it would be formatted as 1,000.5
Number formatting

Optional Saving Confirmation

In previous versions, saving many records in a table would pop up a dialog box where changes could be reviewed or reverted before saving. To save time, a new setting has been added to this dialog for using the selected option until changed in User Settings.

Hide Confirmation box

Improvements to Gantt Chart

From this release, you can hide the Enable automatic scheduling button in the Gantt. Also, there are new buttons for expanding and collapsing tasks with subtasks for a more compact or detailed view.

Meter Component’s Value as Tooltip

Get to know exactly what value the bar of this component represents by hovering over it.

Reports and Imports Filter

The filter in the Report and import queue has been improved, and it is possible to save the conditions set for later use.

Improved Import template

The template file generated in Prepare import run contains the headers from the fields you are about to import, and from this release on also the data type of each column for knowing what kind of values to populate the imported file with.

Loading Some Series

A new property has been implemented to line and bar series in Charts, handful to gray out that series’ legend with the respective line or bar hidden from the moment you load the form, with a smart touch: one click to display it, double click to isolate it from the other series.

Enhaced Link Component

Behavior can now be applied to Links, so you can for instance hide the link that generates an invoice in case your provider hasn’t ticked the approval checkbox, or change the destination URL based on your employees’ input, among other actions.

Map Layers with Different Views

Think about looking at a customized Detail depending on what location pin you’ve selected. This is an enhancement for Map layers, where criteria can be used in combination with parameters to show a different section based on the selection in the Map, or even hide or change the information displayed.

Bugs Fixed

  • Images uploaded and resized on forms in Chrome were wrongly rotated to landscape orientation.
  • Button components related to Parent fields did not trigger the expected action.
  • Calendar and Map components forced the selection of Record group for existing records upon Save action. Besides fixing this, the arrow next to the Save icon was removed so now the Record group for new records will be chosen from a pop-up window, just like it is done with Table sections.
  • Map layer component displayed an error message when limited by a relation with no record founded. Also, this component colored the location pins of unstyled layers.
  • The Save icon action on Map layer editor was not enabled upon edition of polygons and lines.
  • Limiting a Detail section by a Map component with style rules resulted in a blank section after clicking a different location pin. Also, if Map component had a related Button with Save action, relocation of pins could not be performed.
  • Saved filters could not be clicked in Repeater sections. Other sections had this issue with newly added Saved filters.
  • Deletion of records in Gantt component seemed to be successful even if no rights were granted for that. Also, this component was lacking a loading indication while populating large amount of data.
  • Charts using the @limitByValue function had to be manually reloaded on the form.
  • Line charts were displayed with fluctuations after setting a timespan filter.
  • IQL chart of type Table shifted columns when limited by another component.
  • Edition on an existing record in Detail section was lost after selecting another record in the Selector.
  • Using a Parameter filter in combination with Multi detail section resulted in an empty section even if records exist.
Form designer:
  • The lasso tool to select multiple components under configuration did not work if more than one layer was used.
  • Series panel of IQL charts were hidden if placed on layers other than root.
  • An exception occurred when using Scale fixed edges on a section without dimensions.
Reports and imports:
  • The “Go to the queue” link displayed in the confirmation message of the Prepare import run form could not show this import log.
  • The “Queue at” column in the Report and import queue form could not be filtered.
  • In Rules editor, the “Between” operator did not consider the limit numbers of the range set.
  • The action “Set value with IQL” could not change the value of Checkbox fields.
  • The new password login page was displayed with no style in Firefox.
  • Regarding Configuration bundles functionality, the following issues were fixed:
    • The Select dependencies action was not available for forms with style rules.
    • Some system messages were missing translation.
    • A loading indicator was implemented when switching between tabs.

Other Changes for Administrators

Customize Your Application's Theme

You don't need to contact the IS Tools support to style your application's looks anymore. Do it the way you want, whenever you need, with the Theme designer tool. Change the background color of the forms, buttons, toolbars in sections, pop ups and much more. You can also customize the menu with your company's logotype.

Theme designer

No more user accounts without e-mail address

Last summer we released the SAML interface with Active Directory so users could login with SSO. This time, we improve it to prevent the registration of accounts that do not comply with a valid e-mail address.

Decimal separator gone from administrative forms

One of the improvements of this release is the automatic decimal separator parameter based on user’s language. That is why it’s been removed from forms such as Application preferences, User settings and User administration.

New column in Form rights

“Form type” has been added to Form rights, useful to filter between System and User forms.

Notice of planned future changes

We are working on modernizing Rules functionality. In connection with that, conventional Rule sets are planned to be removed in our next release.

Also, the drop-down arrow next to the Save button present in Detail and Multi detail sections will be removed so users will have to select a Record group via a popup or with a Drop-down field on the form instead.


Release Notes