Summer Release 2021

Explore highlights from the Summer 2021 release: a new possibility of authentication, and creative features that make forms more dynamic than ever.

SAML authentication with Active directory

Make your IS Tools application sync with your company’s Active directory to help the employees log in with their corporate account, which will ease internal user administration. This is done thanks to the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) which allows to exchange authentication and authorization data between your identity provider and us. 29.0 SAML diagram 29.0 SAML form

One component, many actions

Run multiple actions at one click of a button, link or icon; for instance, configure the actions to set a value to a field, save the form, and open another form with the selected record, all upon a single click, using IQL. 29.0 IQL actions And it’s simpler than it looks, because the “Run on click” editor predicts and suggests actions as you start typing. Also, these components and their actions can be even run from outside the section, i.e., they are no longer limited to where they are physically placed.

Multiple upload

Select from your device’s file manager as many files as you want, and upload them all at once to a record. With this, every attachment or document will be automatically related to new child records in one go, thanks to the Multi-value component. 29.0 Multiple upload

Calculations on the fly

Get the result of a formula immediately after changing values in your form, without having to save or click on a button. This can be done thanks to our new feature "Run on change" in Form designer. 29.0 Run on change

Other improvements

Open camera directly

Set your smartphone camera as the default option to quickly take and upload a picture with Media component or File field, instead of choosing the source every time. 29.0 Open camera directly No worries if you change to desktop mode, then the File browser will be opened as usual.

Quick switch application

Navigate through your applications in a snap, with the enhanced Switch function that now displays up to 5 of your last used applications. Also, note that it has been moved to the Menu. 29.0 Quick switch application

Images controlled by conditions

Imagine displaying a specific picture after choosing a certain item in a Drop-down, or typing a certain value in a Text field; for example, if you choose “Vehicle inspection”, the template picture of a car will be shown, ready to make marks on it; but if you choose “Excavator inspection”, then the template will change accordingly. IS Tools makes it possible, with IQL.

Calendar customization

Adapt your Calendar days and time according to your business schedule, e.g., choose to only display from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Bar code scanning

It is now possible to scan both QR and Bar codes. However, this is an extended functionality that requires an additional fee to use. Please contact you IS Tools sales representant for a quote.

Right size for columns of IQL Table

Note that the IQL Table chart now applies automatic width size whenever data changes in its columns.

Gantt chart Start date

Set a fixed Start date to Tasks in the Gantt chart. So next time you use the Automatic scheduling function to rearrange your project, the initiation of the tasks you marked won’t move.

Validations on mobile devices

Now you can see the messages generated by rule validations in mobile mode, e.g., “Date not valid” when trying to book an appointment a day earlier that today. Find them below the field in question, in red.

Improvement to Table section

Separator lines have been added to the bottom bar of this section, so the action icons, like Save and Delete, have their own space to be clicked without confusion.

Bugs fixed

  • The Map component kept showing the previous selected record even after running a filter that did not include it in the results.
  • Changes on the Multi-value field did not trigger the Save action button in Calendar, Map and Table sections.
  • The Repeater section did not load correctly if contained special characters for HTML (e.g., &, >, “, etc.). This fix will display HTML control characters as plain text instead.
  • The Relation field could not remember the latest value searched or filtered while navigating through records.
  • No warning message about unsaved data was displayed after trying to move to another form, if the form’s Save icon was disabled and replaced by Button, Icon or Link component’s action.
  • Read-only Drop-down and Note fields did not reflect the color chosen for the application in Theme designer.
Form designer:
  • An error message was displayed in Form designer when configuring a filter on a table that had the “Show field in selector” and “before record name” properties in Data model editor.
  • An error message popped up after setting Behavior to a series of an IQL table chart.
  • In the Report and import queue form, the resulting report for “xlsm” files showed a question mark icon, instead of the Excel icon.
  • Imports did not considered the validations rules set for Date and Date time fields in combination with comparison operators, e.g., MyDate1=today().
  • In the Report and import queue form, large imports in progress indicated the Status "Finished {0} of {1}", which didn’t reflect the actual row count. This has been fixed to show the legend "Processing row {1}/{100} (1%)" instead. Also, it was not possible to download the log file after running an import of type “Record rename”.
  • The report generated by the “Export to Excel” button in Rules manager, contained an “A” character as prefix in data of the “To”, “Cc”, and “Bcc” columns, e.g.,
  • The Form rights view threw an exception when a role or a form that did not exist was set as filter.
  • It was not possible to use comma (,) as a Decimal separator, chosen in User settings form.
  • The Back button did not work as expected, sometimes showing a record that was not previously selected.

Other changes for administrators

New form for Record groups

Try out our “Manage record groups” form, which integrates functionality of two classic administrative forms: Record group and Record group rights, so you can now create, rename or delete groups, set rights per table and role, and export it to Excel, in a single view.

More functions for Date validations

The Rule editor has extended the list of functions to validate Date fields: day(), month(), startOfMonth(), endOfMonth(), etc. With this, you can compare and limit date and time input in a dynamic way on forms, for example, force the booking of appointments during the current month only, or maximum before the 15th next month.

Improvements to User administration form

Click on the new “Clear filter” button, to instantly remove all filters set on this form. Also, try the “Roles” filter, which displays a list of all roles instead of open text. Note as well that the column “Mobile user” has been removed, since it is now an automatic setting checked in case the user only logs in on mobile devices.

View all Scheduled imports

Find your scheduled imports listed in the “Report and import queue” form, with possibility to cancel them in time, or just to have them as logged events for future reference.

Id for all items in Data model editor

In previous releases, only Fields had the Id available as column. Today, this column has been added to Tables, Lists and List items, which is useful for configuration in rules or IQL.

Notice of planned future changes

As of our Winter 2021 release, IS Tools will no longer support the old Excel “xls” file format. This will have an impact on Reports, Imports and the “Export to Excel” feature placed in form sections and system forms, which will use “xlsx” format instead.


Button row change

Button row
In the Summer Release 2021 we have made a small change in the button row, to increase the distance to the remove button. The button row has been subject for several improvement suggestions, and many have made their way into mobile mode. This change targets the desktop mode, and is implemented as a delimiter which can be seen in the screenshot.

Manage access

Run on click
We are launching an new user interface for managing record groups in the Summer Release 2021. For roles and record groups, we have created a new user interface to make the configuration easeier. The look is similar to the other updated administration interfaces, and the filtering and batch operations are similiar.

Release Notes