Summer Release 2020

Sometimes it’s all about the visuals, sometimes it’s all about the functional aspects. This release brings them both: discover our stunning and useful Gantt chart, Bar and QR codes, fields that behave with logic, and lots of improvements.

Gantt chart

Never lose track of any project with this amazing component, that helps you schedule tasks and follow up the progress over time. 27.0 Gantt chart

Barcode and QR code

A barcode and a scanner is the best combination to track and store information about goods or items, in comparison with manually entering information. QR code is also another type of optical label typically used for storing URLs of webpages, marketing, etc. If you think your business can make a good use of any of these components, take the opportunity to try them out. 27.0 QR code Additionally, a button can be added to your form to scan the code directly from your smartphone, without the need of an app.

Custom behavior for components

Imagine having components in your form that can behave in a special way, depending on your business logic flow; for example, if the warehouse receives a package that is marked as dented, the Save button will be disabled until a description of the damage is provided, and if the amount of items received is lower than the expected, then this field will turn red. 27.0 Custom behavior

Other improvements

Go to the right form with the right record

Send e-mails, SMS and notifications inserting a link that will open a specific form selecting a record that is targeted based on certain conditions, e.g., let your customers know that your service is ready, and further details can be reviewed by clicking a link, that will take them to their service order, all in an automatic way. 27.0 Link to record

Table with Markdown

Organize content in rows and columns using Markdown format in Note fields and E-mails. 27.0 Table with Markdown Simply, separate the elements of the table using pipes (|) and new lines, like this:
| Row1 - Col1 | Row1 - Col2 |

Keyboard shortcuts

If you enjoy working with the keyboard more than using the mouse to click here and there, this improvement is for you. Try out our new key bindings that make it practical to do basic actions:
to find and go to a section in the form
Ctrl+up/down arrows
to go through sections in the form
save changes in a section
new record
delete record
save all sections in the form (tip: this shortcut is especially useful with the recently introduced Repeater component)

Improvements related to Record filter

Predictive text in Advanced filters’ editor We have good news for our users who thought that configuring a filter with IQL was too complex: the new editor makes it easy to type statements, as it will suggest functions, fields, keywords, etc., as you type, validated with different colors. 27.0 Predictive editor Same filter for related sections Stop applying the same filter in more than one place in your form. From now on, you just need to do it in the main section, and all sections limited by this one will be automatically filtered as well. For instance, if you filter a table to show only customers within the Area = “Downtown”, a Map limited by this table will be automatically refreshed to show locations within that Area.

Automatic refresh for sections

Every time a relevant change is saved on a section, other related sections that might be affected by this action will be automatically reloaded to reflect subsequent changes; for example, a new record created by rule action in one section will make other sections update their list of records.

Enhanced Repeater component

The Repeater, released in our previous version, is now able to support Button and Icon components where actions such as Save or Delete the active record, Open a related form, Run a report, etc. can be set.

Read-only fields other than grey

Your application can have its own style of text color, background and/or border for read-only fields.

Link component’s flexible caption

Decide whether you want to show the name of the record from the destination form, or a fixed caption instead, when using a Link in Detail and Multi detail sections to open related forms.

Quick Excel report shows customized relations

Relation fields customized to be displayed together with other fields, e.g. “RelatedRecordName-ItemNumberField”, are now included in the Excel file generated via the Report icon of form sections.

Report manager remembers your customization

Every time you open the Report manager, it will keep the last filters and sorting you applied to customize it the way you like it.

Revert action for offline forms

Find the Revert icon (useful to undo changes that haven’t been saved) next to the Delete icon in forms available while working in offline mode.

Sort by Checkbox in Table section

Click on any Checkbox column header to sort it by True or False.

Default alignment in forms

Before, fields of type Number, Date and Date time were aligned to the right, in contrast with the left alignment of the rest of the fields, making Detail and Multi detail sections look inconsistent. To improve this visual matter, the default alignment will be left, except for Table section, which columns look fine as they are.

Improvement to e-mail validation

We have enhanced the validators that make sure that provided e-mail addresses are correct.

Bugs fixed

  • The Information button of a Table section (i.e., section’s tooltip) was displayed over an unfolded list placed near this component.
  • An error message popped up when navigating through a series of Media components where one of them lacked a file source.
  • Note fields did not show the box border in combination with the “Display as formatted text” setting checked.
  • In Table sections, Link components with action to open an unrelated form displayed the name of the origin Record in all cells. After this release, the target form name will be displayed instead.
  • An error message was displayed after saving via Button component.
  • The “Edit all” right was missing for the Report wizard form, needed for ADMIN role to edit other users’ reports.
  • The “Exclude record filter” option in the Report wizard could not be applied.
  • In mobile mode, Relation fields placed last in Table sections could not show the list of records in a complete way.
  • The User settings form changed its layout when required fields were not filled out.

Other changes for administrators

Shape a Link to go to the right form with the right record

To be able to insert links in e-mails, SMS and notifications that takes the user to open a form selecting a target record, use the new “URL parameter for selected record” setting in Form designer (available for the Selector, Multi detail and Table sections) together with the “Copy page link” and the “Add record name to text” in rules, like this: https://MyIStoolsApp/apps/1051/forms/dynamic/3291891?MyParameter=RECORDNAME()

Same filter for related sections - Configuration

You can make that a section in a form filters its records based on a filter applied on the section it is limited by, in two different ways via the Limitation field property: - "Use same filter", to copy the query from the main section, or - "Use custom IQL condition", to add the selected record in the main section as a variable for an advanced fixed filter. As a complement to this, use the new variable @limitByValue to customize any kind of relation between sections; e.g., to show unrelated records between connected sections use “MyRelation != @limitByValue”, or to display only those records having the same parent use “Country = (Country from City where recordid = @limitByValue)”. Find more examples in our Help manual.

Change Read-only field formatting

Customize the style of read-only fields in the Theme designer form.

Link component shows Record name

Tick the new “Use record title” setting in Form designer for Links using “Open related form” action in order to display the name of the destination record, instead of a fixed caption in sections other than Table section.

Default line for Map layer editor

Use the new properties “Line color” and “Line width” in Form designer to set a default characteristic to draw polylines, rectangles and polygons in Map layer editor components.

Improvement to Rules manager

We have included information about the “Only trigger once” setting in the Export to Excel report, and at the bottom of the Rule items list as a quick reference. Also, the “Show raw” view is now available for the trigger condition.

Read-only and Mandatory fields in Form designer

It is very easy to identify in a glance fields with those settings, just look for the ones that are grey or marked with a *, respectively.

Improvement to User administration form

The Description field in this form has been removed due to GDPR regulations, as it could contain sensible information about the user.


Gantt Component

Activity Gantt
We will be producing an integrated gantt service. Like the Scheduling functionality a data structure configuration will be required to map the application data model to the gantt functionality. The Gantt chart is a standard within project management, with graphical user interface features such as:
  • ability to manage activities and dependencies
  • quickly determine which activities form the critical path
  • track baselines and progress

Release Notes