Summer Release 2019

Based on customer requests this release is mainly dedicated to a new version of charts, enabling a visual follow-up of your business in a snap.

Brand-new charts

You’ve got try our new Pie chart, the best way to compare parts of a whole, as it summarizes a large data with percentages of multiple categories. Also, it has tools that make it possible to download the chart as a PNG file, and to show related data upon a hover of the mouse over a slice. 24.0 Pie chart Line and Bar charts come with a clean design and offers a larger bar of tools than the Pie does, like zoom in and out, autoscale, compare data, also download as image file, among others. 24.0 Charts No worries about your previous charts, as they will automatically be converted to this version.

Other improvements

Calendar events in colors

Get a quick understanding of your agenda with event entries set in different colors, automatically set based on defined conditions. For example, all events related with the customer will be red, while meetings with the team will keep blue. 24.0 Calendar events in colors Read about this under Changes for IS Tools administrators, contained within this document.

Map and Layers location information

You may get to see much more information than only the Record name as in previous versions when clicking on location markers. Show, for instance, formatted text, links and images, all in a popup. 24.0 Map and Layers location information Read about this under Changes for IS Tools administrators, contained within this document.

Map layer icons readjustment

The marker icons used for Map layers were displayed slightly under the location coordinates. This has been enhanced so these icons are now centered where coordinates are positioned.

Scroll bar for empty or filtered Table section

Previously, Table sections with no records to show disabled their horizontal scroll bar. This has been improved so the bar is always available, especially useful to access the columns to the right that might have filters applied.

Bugs fixed

  • Creating a record via the Save as new icon, did not request mandatory fields to be entered.
  • An error message was displayed when using the Show history in tooltip functionality.
  • A form containing a Link, Button or Icon component with action to open a form that was deleted at a later stage, could not be opened, and no information was provided. Now, a message is displayed warning about the missing form referred by the component. Also, there is a warning in Form designer: the component turns red, suggesting to select an existing destination form.
  • In Record filter, the Advanced mode could not execute the IQL’s today() function.
  • Regarding Maps, Side panels could not be displayed when limited by layers, or when limited by a map after a layer was also added.
  • Regarding Table sections:
    • The columns looked misaligned with respect of the section’s frame at certain browser zoom levels.
    • URLs in Link fields were opened in the same window instead of in a new tab, like Detail section and Multi detail section do.
Form designer:
  • The Detail section configured in the Side panel limited by Map or Calendar, showed action icons (Create, Save, etc.) in Form designer, but not in the generated form (which has its own button bar). To be consistent, those icons were removed in Form designer.
  • The “Max size” property of the Image component was wrongly set to 0 in a permanent way.
  • An error message popped up after saving a form if the Record selector component was added last during the configuration of a Detail section.
  • The Select rectangle and Delete tools did not work when using Form designer in the web browser Microsoft Edge. Also here, form components could not be moved by using the keyboard arrow-keys.
  • Two issues were fixed regarding the “Open form” action for Link, Button, Icon and Media components:
    • Adding two of these components to open a Related form via two different relations (respectively) towards the same parent, would end up considering only the first relation.
    • Before, selecting a deleted form to be opened by any of these components was allowed, making the generated form unresponsive. Now, the component turns red when configured together with the “Form” property, to notify the administrator that a different form must be chosen.
Data model editor:
  • It was possible to create and save Tables with the same name. This has been corrected so no duplicates can exist. Note that different cases are allowed, e.g., Table “Order” is not considered to be a duplicate of “ORDER”.
  • The Group for newly created fields was not displayed. Now it is upon saving the field(s).
  • The links of the Field usage report opened the Data model editor, instead of opening the forms and rules referred by the link.
  • No Clear button was available to dismiss the filters made on Data model editor. There is now one at the top bar of Tables, and another for Fields, to separately clear their filters.
  • No warning message about unsaved data was displayed after creating a Table, and then clicking on other entry in the menu.
  • The Column buttons for Tables, Fields and Lists could be dragged away from its position, without the possibility to return it.
  • A Parent list, defined in Lists, can no longer return to be a List item, as it could be done before, in order to avoid misconfiguration.
  • Large-screen tablets and phones showed the Media component’s Image editor (for digital signature) with a fixed blank area to its left.
  • An error message occurred when attempting to synchronize new Lists of an External table.
  • In Rules Wizard, the action “Set the value of fields using IQL” did not display a validation error when the Table name was typed within apostrophes instead of quotation marks. This is now properly indicated.
  • In Rules editor, once Color or Background color style types were defined for a rule, they could not be disabled at a later edition.

Other changes for administrators

More IQL functions for rules

Improve the precision of your rules’ results with the functions round, avg, count, trunc and length when configuring IQL actions in Rules wizard, e.g., round(avg(NumberField1)) from Table1.

Sort lists in Data mode editor

Sort List items by dragging them into the position you need, in contrast with the previous release where the order of the items could not be edited.

Downloadable PDF template

Whenever you want to edit or take a look at the PDF file you uploaded in the Template property of the Export file action in Form designer, click on the new Download icon.

Map and Map layer changes

  • Use the “Popup field” property of Map and Map layer components to replace the Record name displayed by location markers, with information contained in a Text or Note field, with Markdown formatting, e.g., # ACME Network ### Radio Layer 1 [Specifications]( ![Image]( See how this will look under Other improvements, contained within this document.
  • Also, these two components now support the use of Advanced style rules to color its markers, with more flexibility than previously done with regular Style rules.
  • For Map layers, note that the Latitude and Longitude properties are automatically emptied in case the GeoJson field is chosen, and vice versa, in order to avoid wrong configuration.

Advanced style rules for Calendar

You can now set some color to events in Calendars. For this, configure an Advanced style rule and set it to the Style rule property of the component. See how this will look under Other improvements, contained within this document.

Application preferences changes

Note that the settings Default language and Permitted languages have been set as read-only in the Application preferences form, since they are intended to be edited at a higher operation level instead. Also, the settings Date format, Time format and Decimal separator were added to this form.

Name mandatory in Rules editor

It is no longer possible to create and save Validations and Style rules without a name.

Flexibility for time functions

In Rules wizard, all functions related to time (year, month, day, hour, etc.) available in the “Set the value of a field with a formula” action, can now support inputs other than Date and Date time fields, such as Numbers, and Date and Date times as text string. Note that the string will be parsed taking in consideration the user’s Time/Date format setting in first place; otherwise, the application preferences Time/Date format will apply.

Select rectangle tool

This Form designer’s tool, also known as “lasso”, works as a practical way to select multiple components within the form at once. We have improved it to increase precision in the selection: if the lasso is dragged downwards, only entire components inside the lasso will be selected; but if it is dragged upwards, then all components in contact with it will be selected.


Time series charts

Time series charts
Displaying your snapshot performance indexes, KPIs and targets in a time series for progress overview is powerful. With Summer Release 2019, aside for the new functionality added to the charts, the layout have also been adjusted to a cleaner look.

Release Notes