Spring Release 2020

We welcome 2020 with a little bit of everything: a new section type, new forms for Reports and Imports, some design and functionality improvements here and there and some corrections.

The Repeater

You’ve got to try this new type of section that multiplies itself as many times as records exist, providing a quick overview of your data with all the design that a detail section stands; e.g., use it to display a list of products or services. You can even use several Repeaters combined with filters in a single form to, for instance, show works by status. 26.0 Repeater section

Reports and imports’ new look

The Report queue and the Import queue forms have been merged into a single one with possibility to customize it using standard features like showing or hiding columns of your preference, applying filters to search for logs, etc. Also, much more information is provided than before, for example, number of runs and rows, and recipients, among others. 26.0 Report and Import queue The View reports form has also been updated with the same design as the one described above (i.e., a table-like view) with additional statistic data such as reports generated in total, this and last month.

Other improvements

Adaptive layout

It doesn’t matter how many different devices the users are working with, our form layout is now adaptive to any screen. The behavior of each component is configurable, for instance, fixing some edges while others automatically stretch or scale up according to the size or zoom of the screen. Read more here.

Menu’s new design

Enjoy the changes made to our application menu, which improve readability and precision to locate entries, even on mobile mode. 26.0 Menu

Message for password renewal

We have improved the message sent to our users when the administrator of the application requests a new password for them. The language used will depending on the the user account setting.

Improvement to Link component

It is now possible to sort and filter by this component whenever it is placed as a column of a Table section.

Bugs fixed

  • Create new button on Maps form is no longer enabled in Offline mode.
  • In Firefox, Media components reflect changes made on images immediately when saving the form.
  • Long texts displayed in the Record selector no longer overflow to multiple rows.
  • New records in the Calendar component are now created with the correct day regardless of any time zone difference between server and user.
Form designer:
  • IQL charts mixed up default and authorized languages for y-axis labels.
Data model editor:
  • The Read log property for fields is now available for selection.
  • The User search form now also displays locked out user accounts.

Other changes for administrators

Data model graph

The graphical representation of the tables and their relations is back. Find it out under the Diagram tab in the Data model editor. 26.0 Data model diagram

Removal of classic administrative forms

The Drop-down editor and the Manage groups forms are no longer part of the current version of IS Tools, since all their features are fully covered by the Data model editor.


Fixed edges

fixed edges

Fixed edges is a functionality released in the Spring 2020 release.
It enables a higher screen usage, and can be activated for both new and existing forms.
Fixed edges is supported by all section types, and we are working to also enable support for all components.


Release Notes

Summer Release 2020

Sometimes it’s all about the visuals, sometimes it’s all about the functional aspects. This release brings them both: discover our stunning and useful Gantt chart, Bar and QR codes, fields that behave with logic, and lots of improvements.