Spring Release 2019

IS Tools application administrators will love our Spring release 2019, as it brings a brand-new version of Data model editor and Form designer.

Good bye Adobe Flash player, hello new user interface

Discover our all-new interface for configuring tables, fields and forms, built without any plug-in software, so no need to depend on Flash player any longer. This incoming Data model editor offers you to see relevant information at once, in a snap, unlike the previous version where you had to click the fields one by one to be able to see its properties. 23.0 New DME In respect of the Form designer, this fresh version makes of every functionality a draggable component which properties can be changed with flexibility at any later stage. 23.0 New FD Note that new applications created from this release on, will only include these new versions of Data model editor and Form designer.

Map layer component

Additional layers of location markers can now be overlaid onto your Map components. For instance, while the Map shows where radio equipment is installed, a second layer shows where fiber optic cables are dug down, all in the same view. Besides, Map layers support Geojson information, in case you need to configure without latitude and longitude. 23.0 Map layer

Other improvements

Button component IS Tools introduces this practical component, that can integrate both an icon and text in its design. By clicking on it, actions on Active record like Save, Delete, Create new and Save as new can be performed. This is a handful alternative instead of having the action icons at the top right corner of the form. Of course, other already existing actions like Open form, Export to PDF and Open URL can also be done with the Button. 23.0 Button componentNew actions for components Active record actions (described above), originally implemented for the Button component, have been added as well for Icons and Links. Besides, the Set value and save action makes it possible to set a specific value on the chosen field and save the record upon clicking any of this three components. Proper color for reading in Table section The background color of the row selected in Table section has always depended on the Theme the user has set for his/her application. However, the color of the text in the row will be changed by the system for a better reading experience, e.g., if the background is red, the text will be white. Note that this can be overridden by a specific style set by the administrator via rules or styling. Empty Table section after deletion of records In the past, a new record was automatically created after all records were deleted, but this was designed for classic forms, no longer supported in new applications. That’s why this functionality has been removed so sections can be empty if needed by the user. No pop-up window in View reports Some users have the pop-up blocking feature enabled in their browsers for safety reasons; with that in mind, we no longer pop up the Run report window, but open it in the same window instead.

Bugs fixed

  • Copying multiple Date time cells from Excel to a Table section resulted in only the first cell being pasted.
  • The Export to Excel functionality in forms could not be performed in applications with multiple languages due to a translation cache problem.
  • Images linked to Media components did not enlarge as they should when clicked.
  • In Maps, the Categorize markers setting did not work correctly in combination with Style rules. Also, it was not possible to create markers if the map was limited to active record, due to the + icon is disabled under this use case; instead, the Edit icon will add new markers.
  • In the last screen of the Report wizard, existing reports of type Public couldn’t be edited to be Personal or make a copy of it (i.e., created as new) as Personal.
  • Table sections with very low height (enough to show a single row in desktop mode) were not displayed correctly in cellphones. Also, in mobile mode, Icon components were rendered outside the form if placed at the last position of the section during design.
  • In Rules manager, updating the Cron setting of an existing rule did not take any effect. Now, the Apply rule changes button is enable after any edition made.

Other changes for administrators

Advanced style rules It is already possible today to design smart forms with conditions that automatically highlight relevant fields with some color set to their background or text. This functionality has been extended to configure more complex conditions where multiple fields can be compared at the same time, and functions (e.g. Today) and operators are available. Flexible “Send a mail” rule configuration The Record name will no longer be included by default in all e-mails sent by rules. Instead, a new button called “Add record name to text” is now part of the Report wizard’s Send a mail window, so is up to the administrator to whether include it or not in the subject and/or the body of the message. “Only trigger once” option in rules Prevent rules from being triggered multiple times after a first time has occurred on the same record and Save action. This is useful in case the rule turns out to be recursive. Note that it’s the default option when creating a rule, and cannot be combined with Scheduled rules. Clear button in User search form Click on Clear to empty this administrative form and be ready to search another user right away.


Map layers

Map layers
Additional layers of location markers can now be overlaid onto your Map components. Map layers also support Geojson information for visualizing areas instead of points.

Release Notes