Spring Release 2017

This release developed under the spring 2017 has been focused mainly on the usability of two of the users’ favorite components.


When a marker is clicked, a foldable section will be displayed (if configured) showing relevant fields related to that location. Also, new settings are available to display a label based on the value of a selected field, allowing to see the data you want in a glance.


Digital signing is possible. Just draw a signature on the application form via the brush icon of an empty Media component (i.e., with no image/video uploaded). By doing this, you will get a white background in the Image editor. Once saved, your signature will be stored as a JPG file. Note also that there is a new icon in the Image editor to rotate your uploaded picture.

Other improvements

Table section

  • New settings have been added to the columns of Table sections: “Show all” and “Hide others”, useful to quickly select those columns that the user wants to see, especially when the list of fields is long.
  • Mandatory fields in Table sections are now easy to identify since these cells are marked as “Required”, unlike previous versions where users would realize that a field was mandatory only after attempting to save it as empty.

“Export to PDF” functionality

In the previous release, IS Tools made it possible to export the content of a form into a PDF file; however, the images contained in the form had to be stored locally (i.e., in the application server) in order to be exported. In this release, we also include the possibility to export images that have been stored in Amazon.

Detail and Multi detail sections - Create, don’t edit

There are cases where new records need to be added, but existing records should be kept as they are, e.g., think of a user that has to register new customer requests, but should not edit previous requests. This is now possible to achieve because the Save icon can be separately enabled for creation and edition actions, unlike in the past where Save was always enabled together with Create new, letting users modify and save old records too.

Record filter

  • An additional logical expression is available in the Record filter: “Equals to (no wildcards)”, useful when an exact match is needed.
  • Fields of type File are now supported in the Record filter of application forms. The condition can be configured with the name of the file with or without wildcards, or choose to filter those records with or without file.


  • A new icon to log out is available.
  • The “Show same record in other forms” functionality (as in desktop mode) has been included.

Log in

A new login dialog box is available from the message displayed when the session has timed out, allowing you to log in immediately to the same application without having to close the message first and refresh the browser as it was done before.


Users will be able to quickly open forms in new tabs by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking on a menu entry.

Bugs fixed

  • Fields with long names were not fully displayed in the “Sort order field” drop-down of the Component properties panel in Form designer.
  • Forms that were configured with fields from a Parent table could not be opened.
  • Record with empty mandatory field could be saved if that field was used in the “Selected displayed fields” setting of another section.
  • An error message popped up when opening a form with a Detail section with no record selected, having a second section with fields from the Parent table.
  • Note fields set on Detail and Multi detail sections were displayed under other fields when resized (functionality available only for Chrome and Firefox browsers).
  • Icon components added to Detail sections were not displayed in mobile devices.
  • In the Rules manager form, no warning message popped up after attempting to create a rule group with an existing name.
  • In the Rules wizard form, the moveRelatedRecords function could not support a numeric value as its param1, making the formula fail.
  • Some large imports were set to status “Failed” despite being successfully completed, causing confusion to users. This happened due to a timeout just after completion, not allowing the system to set the right status. The status was also set to “Failed” in case the table of the import in question had been edited during the execution.

Changes for IS Tools administrators

Usage report

In DME, the name of the Rule group has been added to the Usage report for fields.

Form designer

  • Rows in Table section: A new setting has been added to the Component properties panel, where the application administrator can set the number of rows for the selected Table section. It’s called “Rows per page”, which will have as default value the one defined in the Application preferences form. The maximum value is defined by the AO administrator (usually 5000), and the minimum value allowed is 1.
  • Section within a map: A Detail section can be configured inside a Map component, so when a marker is clicked, that section will be displayed showing relevant fields that the administrator added to it.
  • Detail and Multi detail sections – Create, don’t edit: The “Show: Create new” property is no longer bounded to “Show: Save” in these sections, i.e., you don’t need to grant both properties anymore to create and save a new record, because creation action will now enable itself the save action. This brings users the possibility to add new records, and to deny edition of existing records. To set it up, uncheck “Show: Save” in Component properties to make the section’s Save icon unavailable when editing an existing record, but check “Show: Create new”, which will automatically enable the Save icon, for transient records.

Manage fields form

This classic form has been removed. DME replaced it.

New name for our predefined Record group

Record group “Default” is renamed to “Standard”: All applications, when initialized, include a predefined record group where records are automatically stored if no other group is defined by the administrator. From this release on, the name of this group changes to “Standard” instead of “Default” as called in previous releases, in order to not confuse this concept and the concept of the setting “Default record group” in DME. Note that this will apply only for new applications created from now on, i.e., existing applications will keep this predefined record group with the name of “Default”.

Minor releases

An improvement, a new feature and a fix were included in the 17.0 R02-R04: Save in mobile forms: Forget about scrolling up your long form to save the changes made. Save instead with the new floating Save button, always available once the regular Save button at the top of the form section is out of sight. File export: Download to your hard disk a zip file that includes all files you have stored in tables. You just have to run any report with File fields added, choosing “File export” as Format. To use this new feature, ask your administrator to grant this form right for you. No wildcard on filter: An error message showed up when using the Record name “Equal to (no wildcards)” criterion in the form Record filter. It is now fixed.

Notice of planned future changes

The purpose of this section is to highlight selected planned changes that might have an impact on existing applications and user behavior well in advance of actual development. The intention is that this should facilitate timely feedback, dialogue and preparations where relevant.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 not supported

From the Autumn 2017 release onwards, Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported, i.e., no quality assurance will be made and no issues will be corrected on the platform for this web browser. The above decision is due to Microsoft has stopped supporting it. Instead, Microsoft Edge will be supported (together with Firefox and Chrome, as usual).

Release Notes