Autumn Release 2022

Forget about switching between windows to create and manage your rules. A new generation of Rules wizard and Rules manager is here, consolidated into a single tool.

New Rules manager

Now is time for the classic rules to become new generation tool, in accordance with the style and usability of other administrative forms where data is organized by columns and rows that can be filtered in an easy way. Here, you can both create new rules and manage them all. Rules manager We know that the learning curve is not always smooth, that’s why we make it possible to switch to the classic manager if needed. Also, we keep the classic Rules wizard for a while. Note that Rule sets were not included in the new Rules Manager.

Other improvements

Custom formatting for Number fields

This is an optional property, useful to limit the number of decimals, set a fixed symbol (e.g., $ or %), or simply remove the separators that are automatically set by the user's language (e.g., a zip code would not need “,” or “.”). Note that the format is only visual, i.e., the original number remains stored as is, and can be seen complete on editing mode. Format number

Selection in Calendar

When an event was selected in a Calendar, it took the accent color set by the application theme, which could be mixed up with other colors applied by customized style. Instead, we make it easy to highlight the current selection with a thick shadow border.

Smart Buttons and Icons

Sometimes, these components may have a complex set of actions that could require more than an instant to run. That is why they will be automatically disabled once they are clicked, and enabled again once the actions are ready in order to prevent users from clicking multiple times while the previous request is still ongoing.

Fields with no rights

In previous versions, fields without rights were presented in forms as empty text boxes, causing confusion to users who wondered if no data was entered there. To avoid this, those fields will not be rendered at all in forms.

Preview close button

The Media component’s preview can now be closed from the right-hand side of the window.

Bugs fixed

  • An error message was displayed in Detail sections limited to Calendar and Map components after clicking Save as new without having the Insert right for the table in question. Now, the Save as new icon is disabled instead.
  • Details sections on “create-only” mode or without records displayed the Create new icon by default. This has been modified enabling it only after the first record is created.
  • A server error occurred on any form where a Button or Icon attempted to count total of records of a table.
  • The Quick Excel report available in sections resulted blank if records were filtered by an IQL parameter.
  • Switching between forms while related fields were still being loaded in the first one caused infinite requests that decreased performance in the application.
  • The Meter component could not be styled in Detail sections.
  • Regarding Gantt chart component:
    • The Active checkbox in the Edit dependency window has been removed, since the Dependency between tasks can simply be deleted if not used.
    • There was an issue with creating the very first task of a new table where Save could not be performed.
    • The Edit task dialog box did not remain opened after switching windows.
Form designer:
  • IQL queries within the Run on click setting for Map layers were not performing the expected action.
Reports and imports:
  • Running a report with “Force one main record” setting from a form button or icon using with IQL runReportRelated function resulted in an empty report.
  • Also, the Report batch pop-up could not be filtered in combination with the “Force one main record”.
  • The Date range selector in Charts could not be used in mobile devices.
  • The creation of a new record on a Detail section limited by Map displayed an error message in mobile mode.
  • Copying text from a validation in the Rule editor would result in an error when pasted.
  • The Configuration bundles functionality could not import the IQL takescreenshot function, causing an error message on the form where this function took place. Also, bundles containing rules with checkboxes as criteria failed after being uploaded.
  • The login page displayed the message “too many sessions” even after having a single session. This has been fixed so it shows up until the third session attempt.

Other changes for administrators

Form rights with link to open forms

The Forms column of this tool displays the name of user-forms as hyperlinks, useful to open and verify the form you are about to grant rights to, reducing the possibility of making a mistake.

Notice of planned future changes

We are working on modernizing Rules functionality. In connection with that, conventional Rule sets are planned to be removed in our next release.

Also, the drop-down arrow next to the Save button present in Detail and Multi detail sections will be removed so users will have to select a Record group via a popup or with a Drop-down field on the form instead.


Release Notes