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We are offering you a 30-day free trial of The Conductor Tool in order for you to test our services. This will ensure that the IT-support is suited for your business. We have developed a number of sample applications for you to try out.

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What does trying it mean?

When you sign up for the free trial, a user account will be created for you that is used to test the most important functions of the service.

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Click on any of the applications below (try) and receive your password. Visit our YouTube channel where you will find tutorials that are designed to get you started quickly.

Can I get help?

If you need guidance from us, or if you need additional access to advanced functionality during your trial period - let us know!

Telecom Manager

Telecom Manager is an example of an application that handles masts for a telecommunications company. It gives an overview of several parallel activities that are common in network roll-out projects. The example explains how a new field is added to the application.


Pharmaceuticals is an example of a product base for a hypothetical biomedical company. A simple and related structure is set up for easy searchability. The example shows how the information is made searchable by category.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager is a simple example of handling assets, such as cell phones and laptops. It is based on related information between the person and the assets. It is easy to see who disposes over an asset.

Document Control

Document Control is an example of how documents are handled in a process with attributes and history. It is based on a data structure with the surrounding logic changes. It is easy to see an overview of which changes that have been made, and which user that has made the edits.

"Today we base our decisions on facts."

IS Tools Mobile Device Compatible
Increased growth meant additional processes and more information that had to be handled. For Eltel, the situation wasn't without its issues. A cloud solution that could evolve at the company's pace and give control over all the details was therefore implemented. – Today we take decisions based on facts and statistics, not on good assumptions, says Per Schjelderup from Eltel.

That’s why Sweden can be overtaken in the fiber race

Full-scale development of fiber network is ongoing in Sweden. The question is whether it is enough. Nowadays many European countries are investing massively in their fiber networks, which creates a demand for expertise. "A lot of Swedish resources and skills can soon be captured by other countries, while more major markets start to seriously build up fiber networks," said Marco Forzati, researcher at RISE Institute.

Our clients already have a GDPR-friendly environment

Next year, the new data protection act will come into place. At that point every company needs to keep a very good eye on their stored personal data, something that could implicate a change of entire IT-systems. This is a problem that the users of the IS Tools IT-system don’t need to worry about. — We already have the functionality required to meet the new demands, says Johan Barrebo, CEO of IS Tools.

We now know all of the details

— If you can manage an excel spread sheet you can manage Tools. If we need a new feature it is easy to add on, the feature is ready to use within just a few minutes. Niklas Lindström works as IT architect at HSB Business Support. They have been using the IS Tools platform since several years. — The biggest strength is that we now have complete control over all the details and that we can manage everything between invoicing and our different key figures, says Niklas.