IS Tools has a number of ready-made function blocks, or modules, that are simple to use without being able to write code. The modules make it possible for the user to create a service with a lot of freedom. At the same time it ensures a safe and steady application. The data model and the forms are the only function blocks that need to be set up before the application is usable, meaning that a pilot can be created in a short amount of time. Other function blocks are optional.

Data model

Services that are meant to save structured data need a data model that is adapted to the requirements that the application has to back. A data model consists of tables and fields, similar to a spreadsheet.


With IS Tools the administrator can create forms in a simple way by using the drag-and-drop functionality, based on the data model used in the form. Forms can be created and edited at all times.


The report wizard is used to create reports; it is easily done without knowledge in programming. The reports can be run by users with access and they can also be scheduled to deliver a completion notice by email when finished.

Access rights control

A well-functioning collaboration service lets users view and enter accurate data. IS Tools has a framework that can be adjusted in detail to support this.

Business logic and rules

Logic and rules can be used to improve and enhance the value of a service. With logic and rules certain tasks can be made automated, which can save a lot of time. The module can also be used to communicate with the users or other parties outside of the application.

Mobile device support

Mobile devices work just as well as a computer - with the browser. The forms and menus are adaptable thanks to HTML5, which makes it possible to use the tool on a cellphone or tablet.


Our REST API (Application Program Interface) makes it simple to integrate IS Tools with other business systems. All API calls are subject to access rights similar to those of regular users, which gives you the possibility to control access to the information in a safe and precise way.

Built-in functionality

All services that are built with IS Tools include a lot of core functionality with no extra costs. Some examples of infrastructural functions that come automatically are safety features, encrypted data, backup, open API, reports and data imports from Excel. In addition to what you create when using IS Tools, your service will also include features that lets you manage users, menus, forms, data and more.