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Release Notes

User admin­istration

The Winter release 2020 contains updates to the user management administration interfaces. The new interface replaces earlier user administration interfaces, and the legacy interfaces are phased out.

User administration

Above the new interface is shown with its table layout offering a quicker overview with editing capabilities.

The most viewed details are shown by default, and as in other administration interfaces it is possible to select the columns to display.

User administration

A select number of functions are also available under more actions. Infrequent options are listed here to enable more space for the overview.

User administration

Batch operations

User administration batch

Using the checkbox widget on multiple rows enables altering multiple user accounts in one go. Above is an example of manipulating roles on multiple accounts. Such manipulation is done with the following steps:

  • Use column header filters to target relevant user accounts
  • Select checkbox widget for accounts to manipulate
  • Click assign roles, select and/or de-select applicable roles

Filter parameter

Filter parameter

Another filter feature has been introduced with the winter 2020 release, with filter expressions that can be used on multiple fields/columns/sections.

Saving time is possible since a search string can be used to filter multiple fields and sections at the same time.