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Scheduling Multi-Site Work

This scheduling add on service is a packaged example of a practical use case to make platform functionality available in an external website, using the general platform API.

Scheduling or booking visits may be a challenge when targeting multiple sites, for instance when installing Optical Network Units (ONU) as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

With the service, installation of CPE's can be scheduled using the end-customers selection of your available time slots, saving valuble time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Below is a screenshot of an example schedule presented to a potential end-customer, which allows for selecting one time slot generated out of the configured work schedule.

Screenshot Booking

The configured work schedule can depend on the services offered, for instance:

  • installation type A may be configured as a 2 hour job
  • installation type B may be configured as a 4 hour job
  • installation in region R may be configured as a 6 hour job regardless of type

The end-customer will then be presented with time slots per depending on both service and location.

The setup of this service can be described in the below steps:

  • configuration of available time slots
  • configuration of recipients of invitations to the selection of time slots
  • distribution of invitations

It is also possible to configure notifications on time slot selection for reporting or other purposes. Business logic can be used for workflow automation of distribution of selected time slots to relevant team or technician.

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