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Filter parameter

Another filter feature has been introduced with the winter 2020 release, with filter expressions that can be used on multiple fields/columns/sections. Saving time is possible since a search string can be used to filter multiple fields and sections at the same time.

Filter parameter

Above, the example IQL-expression is filtering with the parameter @search. This is collected from a separate input field in the form. In this case, if a search string is input in this field, the fields/columns/secttions are filtered according to the configuration.

An example search string 4. Both sections are filtered on the applicable fields. Depending on the IQL-expression, the filter string can be used exactly, or with surrounding astereisks.

Filter parameter

Without a search string this configuration shows the records without any filter, due to the ending or @search is null.

Filter parameter

More IQL charts

IQL Chart

More IQL in the winter release 2020, with a table layout for quick analysis and overview.

The table can be split over the set series, or show the columns according to the IQL expression.