Will I be locked-in to the cloud? No, IS Tools' ambition is to minimize being locked-in to the cloud. From The Conductor Tool you will always be able to export the information contained in the application, including metadata (information about the fields and tables). This will make it easy to move the application to another platform if wanted or needed.
Does The Conductor Tool require a lot of maintenance? No, it's basically a maintenance free tool. However, it is suggested to delete stored information in the application that is no longer being used in regular intervals to keep things tidy.
Is there a test environment? You can use a copy of the application to test changes. If satisfied, the changes are applied in the production application.
What if I need help? Fill in your matter here and we will help you!
How are backups handled? We preform regular backups of all applications and all data saved.
What does the typical administrator do in The Conductor Tool? Typical administrative tasks are management of users, handling saved information, and making changes in user forms and reports.
Will I be able to reach The Conductor Tool from home or on the go? Yes, the only thing you need is a computer, phone or tablet with Internet access.
Will I need to install any special software to be able to use the Conductor Tool? No, The Conductor Tool and your applications are managed via the normal web browser.
Do I need to be a programmer? No, the strength of The Conductor Tool is that no knowledge of programming or managing databases is required. You will be able to create applications in a quick and easy way without that. Most of it is done through point-and-click functions.
Do I need to be trained? The Conductor Tool has an extensive help function with practical examples. Hopefully it will not take more than 15 minutes for you to get a basic understanding of how things work. If you need help - please contact us.