Customer case

Customer case


Several of the country's largest FTTH operators are using The Conductor Tool to receive full control over their complex projects and workflows. The Government's demands for high availability of fast fiber solutions throughout Sweden in 2020 holds great potential for FTTH operators but also creates a demand for a fast and cost-effective administration. This highlights the requirements that both suppliers and end customers can have and how The Conductor Tool solves them.

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When work moved to the countryside

Christina was born in 1950 and lives in an apartment in Farsta outside of Stockholm. She works as a project administrator at an IT company. She has a summer cottage in Värmdö which she inherited, but the cottage lacks certain amenities required for modern living. It has been difficult to find a reliable internet connection since the cabin is a bit remote she has recently received an offer in the mail to install fiber connection. This gives me the opportunity to stay in the cottage during longer periods of times and move parts of my work to the country, she thinks.

The company that is helping Christina to install fiber previously used Excel templates to manage their working process, but as the workload was growing the company discovered a need for a new tool because coordination, projects and the information to the customer was delayed by the administration.

They choose to use the IS Tools cloud service. An application was created in the cloud, completely adapted to the process - from customer visits to the fully installed fiber solution.

Peter, who works in sales, will address the housing projects that are being planned. Before Peter visits his customers he uses a direct marketing campaign through mail and email. Peters work is performed with a mobile platform and he uses it during customer visits. If the customer accepts the offer during the visit, a deal is made directly. The customer may even sign the agreement on spot. The agreement is automatically sent back to the customer by mail or email.We have a system where all information is collected digitally and automatically which makes things easier for us since we do not miss important moments in the work process. What I like most about the tool is that we avoid all duplication that the sellers did before, says Peter.

Marita, one of the project leaders, has also noticed that the collaboration with the suppliers who dig down and install the fiber has been simplified.It was a lot harder to keep track of the work process until we started to use IS Tools. Now we have greater control of the construction process, as all suppliers can receive and submit reports directly via the system. We still have some work to do, but we have greatly improved our process and today our projects are completed at a higher exchange rate that in the past. One of the best features is that we can change the application in a quick, secure and easy fashion to improve it. One thing is certain. We have gone from being stocked up with administration work to looking forward to improving, tuning and automating large parts of the process.

Christina had fiber installed at the cottage which is why she has the opportunity to partly work from the cottage in the countryside during the summer.For me this opportunity has increased my quality of life during the end of my career. Now I plan to make the cottage into a place where I can live permanently. Now that I can " fiddle " with administration from my country house.

Summary of benefits of the IS Tools application:

  • Punctuality in projects
  • The whole process is covered
  • Continuous adaptation and development of functions
  • Cost effective