Search fields IQL

IQL is IS Tools syntax for advanced filters, charts and logic.

How does it work?

A search field is a form field not connected to the data model, and hence not showing any information. The content which the user supplies can be used as a search parameter in one or several panels in the form.


Below is a form with a text field at the top. The component is one of the blue buttons in the form designer (text in this example).
  1. The component is configured with a parameter name as data source. In this example @searchstr.

    Form designer
  2. When configured, it can be used in filter expressions for other panels. Below, the IQL filter expression for the table is shown.

    @searchstr is null /* return result without filter */
    RecordName contains @searchstr /* encapsulates expression with * */
    Description startswith @searchstr /* starts with operator */
    IQL Filter Expression
  3. The filter parameter is applied on user input.

    Example search

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