Bookmarklet and report folders

The view reports form has been targeted for a revision. The new version will be deployed in the Spring 2020 release. With today's version it may take time finding a specific reports among many folders. Until the new functionality is released it is possible ot make use of bookmarklets.


A boomarklet is a browser boomark that contains of javascript commands. Read more about bookmarklets here

For report folders

In Firefox and Chrome, you could use the bookmarklet open_all for opening all report folders in IS Tools. To close all report folders, the bookmarklet close_all can be used.

Example with Mozilla Firefox

The below screenshots display the bookmarklet in use.

Initial view

View reports - folded view The above screenshot is the initial view of the "View Reports", showing application folders for all applications to which the user account is a member. This screenshot is also the result of collapsing all folders with the close_all bookmarklet.

Unfolded view

View reports - expanded view The above screenshot of "View Reports" show the state after using the bookmarklet open_all. Using ctrl+f, it is possible in this state to search for reports by name all applications.