Bookmarklet and report folders

Bookmarklet and report folders

The view reports form has been targeted for a revision.
With today's version it may take time finding a specific reports among many folders.
Until the new functionality is released it is possible ot make use of bookmarklets.


A boomarklet is a browser boomark that contains of javascript commands.
Read more about bookmarklets here

For report folders

In Firefox and Chrome, you could use the bookmarklet open_all for opening all report folders in IS Tools.
To close all report folders, the bookmarklet close_all can be used.

Example with Mozilla Firefox

The below screenshots display the bookmarklet in use.

Initial view

View reports - folded view
The above screenshot is the initial view of the "View Reports", showing application folders for all applications to which the user account is a member. This screenshot is also the result of collapsing all folders with the close_all bookmarklet.

Unfolded view

View reports - expanded view
The above screenshot of "View Reports" show the state after using the bookmarklet open_all. Using ctrl+f, it is possible in this state to search for reports by name all applications.


Developing a solution that reduces the need for consultants, while being a consultant, may seem like a stupid choice. However, that's exactly the road Johan Barrebo, founder and CEO at IS Tools, chose to take.
– We've now managed to establish ourselves in Europe and I see great opportunities to claim market shares also in other countries, he says.

Increased growth meant additional processes and more information that had to be handled. For Eltel, the situation wasn't without its issues. A cloud solution that could evolve at the company's pace and give control over all the details was therefore implemented.
– Today we take decisions based on facts and statistics, not on good assumptions, says Per Schjelderup from Eltel.

The FTTH Conference in Valencia was the start for IS Tools' expansion abroad. We had a chat to Johan Wengelin, marketing director at IS Tools, to get a few words after the conference and to find out why IS Tools will be successful in Europe.