The expert: Tips och tricks

— IS Tools project manager Oliver Ahlberg shares some of his smart tips and tricks. Using them can save you a ton of time while working. 1. Save your filters Filters are a great tool when searching for specific information. For instance, they can help you find all customers within an area that have a certain status, or those who haven’t placed an order yet. Did you know that you can save your own filters? That way you don’t have to repeat the same procedure of creating a filter twice. Give the filter a fitting name so that you’ll find it easily next time you log in. It’s even possible to share your filters with other users that have the same role as you do – perfect when several people are collaborating on the same information within the company. Want to know how to? Watch the video here. 2. Import spreadsheets with ease There are two ways of importing information from spreadsheets into the system. If the amount of data isn’t large you can simply copy and paste between your spreadsheets and the forms in the system. For more extensive cases it could be more convenient to create an import template for the job. The template maps the columns in your spreadsheet to the fields in the system and makes sure that your information ends up in the right place. While the import job is running you can work on other things. In addition to that, there’s no risk of details going missing along the way or of you forgetting to include some of them. The step-by-step video here explains how. 3. Change information rapidly Sometimes it’s necessary to get important changes done as quickly as possible. As an administrator you’re able to change information directly in your application’s tables without having to create and use forms for doing that. No more postponing of upcoming changes or putting them on your to-do list since you can get them done right away! See how to make quick changes in the clip here.