We now know all of the details

HSB Business Support provides an IT-environment to all of HSB´s regional offices in the country. Prior to Tools, as HSB calls IS Tools’ platform, being used the information was scattered. There was a need to gather large amounts of information and to get an overview of what was already available and what needed to be added.

— We started at the system level and reviewed what servers we had and what information was already there. The more we implemented Tools, the more areas of use for it we found. Today it is our primary CRM-system, HSB Business Support’s IT architect Niklas Lindström says.

IS Tools has made it possible for HSB to record new information in a simple and transparent way, in the correct place, and enables quick access to the existing information.

— Our information management is very complex and we have to keep an eye on several parameters. We need to monitor different key figures and distribute costs over HSB´s regions based on them, at the same time we need to be able to access historic data for services and licenses as an example. Tools makes that easy, says Niklas.

Easy and flexible

One of the biggest advantages with Tools according to Niklas is the possibility to quickly access information and to gain control over all of the details.

— Before we needed several hours just to gather information for invoices. If a customer account manager was sick, there was no one else who could access the correct information and it was easy to forget about items that should have been invoiced. Today we have complete control over all the details. Everything is already in Tools and everyone can access the right information. We can compile our invoicing material in just a few steps.

Niklas highlights the simplicity and flexibility as some of the IT systems' biggest strengths.

— If you can manage an excel spread sheet you can manage Tools. If we need a new feature it is easy to add on, the feature is ready to use within just a few minutes. Since IS Tools’ platform is already based on modules and no programming is needed, creating new views or functions are easily and rapidly added.

— It makes it so much easier. We don’t have to spend hours in meetings with developers that cost us money. Here we can do it ourselves or we just hand over a request for a feature and we can have a solution in place already the same day. It saves us both time and money, says Niklas.

Safe steps into the future

Next, Niklas and his team want to develop fully automated flows of information, where the end client already from the start can fill out the information needed by HSB through an ordering form. The system will send a warning if something is entered incorrectly or if some information is missing.

— It will make us even more efficient and we can spend our time where it’s needed. We are also looking into integrations towards other sources of information via Rest API. Niklas thinks that the contact with IS Tools has been flawless. There have never been any operational issues and they receive ongoing information in conjunction with system updates.

— IS Tools has always been bringing us good suggestions and solutions. If any questions or issue arise help is just one e-mail or phone call away. That creates a sense of calm and security that enables us to try out solutions. If anything goes wrong, IS Tools is always there to sort out our mess, Niklas says with a smile.

IS Tools’ biggest strengths according to Niklas
  1. Efficiency. With Tools you get a very good grip on all the details and key figures.
  2. Flexibility. You can closely customize the tool after your personal needs. If the needs change you can easily adapt the system accordingly.
  3. Cost-effective. The working time invested versus the usefulness of Tools makes it incredibly cost effective.
  4. Ease of use. Anyone who can open a document in excel can work in the tool. And you are able to start instantly, the foundation is already there and you won’t have to have long meetings about development and managing IT-environments, since the solution from Tools is a cloud service.
  5. The sense of security. IS Tools is there for you, all the way. Regardless if it concerns support or good advice on solutions. If issues arise you will instantly get help.