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Mastermind your workflow

The Conductor Tool makes it possible to gain full control over complex projects and workflows. It is finally possible to manage all information with one IT tool, where it is easy to customize your custom cloud based applications. Switching to The Conductor Tool makes the benefits apparent instantly as it allows employees, customers and subcontractors to interact in one place, with secure access on different levels. The Conductor Tools is guaranteed to change your workday. Read more

The Conductor Tool supports Sweden’s largest fiber rollout

Several of the country’s largest FTTH-operators are currently using The Conductor Tool in order to gain full control of their complex projects and workflow. Read more

Are you having troubles in Excel?

Are you experiencing being stuck in Excel? Are too many of you sharing the information in Excel? Having a hard time figuring out which version that is the most current? Do you have calculations that no one understands? Read more

Get started instantly

With the Conductor Tool it is possible to start building your applications right away. People of interest can easily be involved in a simple way and new functionality can quickly be created.

There is no need to invest in any hardware or expensive IT consultants, and you do not need to be able to write code. Thanks to the ready-made function blocks you can do everything with a few simple tools such as, drag-and-drop, point-and-click and text input. It is possible to customize one or more applications that will suit your business needs.

The Conductor Tool is easily used out in the field and is adapted for mobile phones and tablets.

  • Safety

    The IS Tools system is built for business-critical applications. It is reliable, available and a secure business grade solution. We at IS Tools always prioritize safety, integrity and performance.

  • Mobile

    Imagine if you could store all data, documents and pictures for your project in one place. Accessible from the computer, tablet or cellphone by employees, consultants or clients. Now you can!

  • Automated

    Your applications will be able to perform "smart" actions by using the system's rule-function, such as calculations (KPI), automatic text messages or sending notifications by mail. The rules can also be used for status change and to control workflow through the application.

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